Perseid Meteor Shower

“You should totally wake up and go watch the Perseid Meteor Shower tonight!” my mother-in-law and avid science teacher texted.

“What time is it happening?” I asked.

“Between two and four a.m.” she replied “Carpe Diem!”

A few minutes later I texted back, “I think we’re doing this!”

After a late night Whataburger snack, my wife and I headed out past the light pollution of the city, onto a red dirt road. The moon set at 2:40 a.m. Sprawled out on the top of our car, we waited patiently for the meteor shower to begin.

“Wow! Did you see that one?” I asked my wife.

“Yeah! Look at that one,” she said, pointing as another shooting star zipped along.

Into the early hours of the morning, we star gazed, watching shooting stars race across the night sky of the Lone Star State.

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